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LIMITED to only 10,000 each!

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Poem: Count Dracubear

Here I come, I'm your worst nightmare. The walking undead -Count Dracubear. So don't fall asleep, cause in your window I'll creep Through the flesh in your neck I will tear.

Poem: Bearwitched

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble My spell will turn your life to rubble. stay away from my coven, or you'll land in my oven.   If you see me, run away on the double!

Meanies Halloween Dracubear
$8.00 each

Meanies Halloween Bearwitched
$8.00 each

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Poem: Frankenbear

Frankenbear, me not bad
Misunderstood, make me Mad
Have no brain, Not like flame,
Better looks wish me had.

Poem: Pirate Jack
"This is the story of Pirate Jack.
Madison Scare Garden's first line of attack. If you survive this night, and it's terrible fright, will you have the guts to come back?"
Meanies Halloween Frankenbear
$8.00 each

Meanies Halloween 99 Pirate Jack Red Patch
$200.00 each

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Meanies Halloween 99 Set of 3