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Poem: Dennis Rodmantis
His hair has been red, green, orange, taupe. Some like to dis him, some think he's dope. Though he dresses in drag, many rebounds he'll snag. A new wedding dress is his biggest hope.
Poem: Jerry Stinger
Every day the Meanies tune into Jerry's show. It's their favorite time of day, you know? Each day they catch their buzz, when they see what the Stinger does. Tune in and don't miss a single blow!
Meanies Infamous Dennis Rodmantis
$10.00 each

Meanies Infamous Jerry Stinger
$8.00 each
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Poem: Mallard Stern
There is a mallard we are going to mock, although we all listen to this shock jock. He shoots off his beak about sex, gas and reaks. We must admit he really does rock!
Poem: Mick Jaguar
This cat gets quite a reaction, though he growls he gets no satisfaction. If he sticks with the stones, he may break some bones. His lips still get lots of action.
Meanies Infamous Mallard Stern
$10.00 each
Meanies Infamous Mick Jaguar
$20.00 each
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Poem: Moodonna
Like a bean bag, (Whoo!) stuffed for the very first time. Her music is great, but her acting's a crime. Now check out those utters, she's the talk of all mudders. This material cow's way past her prime!

Poem: Quack Nicholson
This shining star's name is Quack. With his axe he knows to attack. He has no regrets, he's as good as it gets. If you can't handle the truth, you don't know jack!

Meanies Infamous Moodonna
$25.00 each
Meanies Infamous Quack Nicholson
$8.00 each
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Set of ALL 6 Series 2 Infamous Meanies

Meanies Infamous Series 2 Set of All 6
$70.00 each