Each Bear is 7.5" Each Bear and has a Laminated tag around it's neck
The Full Color laminated hangtag has the Bear's name, birthday and a favorite tour memory!

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Crazy Fingers
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 8/13/75  Great American Music Hall
Dark Star
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/14/69 Electric Factory
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I think it’s wild that a group of people like to be identified so much that we put stickers all over our cars. Dancing bears, skeletons and Steal Your Faces going down the road on all types of vehicles all over the world. It’s always great to have meone wave or beep at you because of your stickers. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) The carpeted hallways at the Providence Civic Center are a barefoot Deadheads dream! My first Brent show was there and best of all, it was the night I met the love of my life. We’ve been together ever since. I’ve heard of high school sweethearts but we’re Deadhead sweethearts and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Grateful Dead Series 2 Crazy Fingers
$15.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 2 Dark Star
$20.00 each


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birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 6/10/94 Cal Expo Amphitheater
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/4/78 Milwaukee Auditorium
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) The best thing about tour was that I always had an easy time figuring out what I would do with all my vacation time! By following the Grateful Dead I have seen places and done things all over the world that I might not ever had if it wasn’t for the Dead. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) Dogs! There were always great dogs everywhere. Big ones, little ones, scruffy ones but all really happy and loved. Where I live I can’t have a dog so I always got my dog fix in with my Grateful Dead shows, I loved it.
Grateful Dead Series 2 Daydream
$15.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 2 Dupree
$15.00 each


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birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 5/22/77 Sportatorium
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/26/88 Hampton Coliseum
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) One of my favorite things to in the world was to eat after dancing for hours at a Dead show. There was always a great selection of
“tour” food. You could always find the best veggie burritos or “kind”pasta. Grilled cheese and stir fry were always around, it was great food cheap.
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) One of the coolest things was when the Chinese Acrobats opened for the Dead at the Chinese New Year show in Oakland. They can do some mind blowing things I didn’t think possible. Diving through flaming hoops of knives, contortionists fitting in places they shouldn’t, it was wild.
Grateful Dead Series 2 Franklin
$8.50 each

Grateful Dead Series 2 Irie
$8.50 each


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Jerry Peggy-O
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 12/9/93 Los Angeles Sports Arena
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) As an icon for several generations and folk hero to many, Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead have influenced more people from more walks of life than any other musical group ever. Bringing their free form jams and San Francisco sound to countless cities around the globe for over thirty years, Jerry and The Dead became the most successful touring band in Rock history. Through his art, words and music, Jerry has inspired happiness, free thinking, and a lifestyle that has been adopted by people around the world. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I know lots of people have said this but it really happened to me! I was in the first row at a show in Las Vegas when the band played Stella Blue and Jerry sang the entire song right to me. He winked and smiled at me, I couldn’t believe it. I never got to meet Jerry but that was even better.
Grateful Dead Series 2 Jerry
$15.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 2 Peggy-O
$20.00 each


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birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes)10/16/81 Melk Weg, Amsterdam
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 6/10/94 Cal Expo Amphitheater
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) One thing that I always looked forward to at Dead shows were the drum circles.  Lots of people all playing at once creating one groove, the energy was always intense. I think I danced during drum circles as much as the show itself. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen at a dead show was a wedding. It was a whole ceremony with a tie dyed tux and wedding dress. A large group of people gathered around and there were flowers, dancing and lots of love. It was one of the most beautiful weddings ever.
Grateful Dead Series 2 Ripple
$12.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 2 Sunshine
$12.00 each

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Black Peter
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/25/91 Knickerbocker Arena
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) My favorite thing about being on tour was that even someone you had never met before would rather say hi, flash you a great big smile or even give you a hug than just walk past you staring at their shoes. I wish it was always like that.
Grateful Dead Series LE Black Peter
$75.00 each

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Grateful Dead Store Display Stand
$30.00 each

(Holds 27 bears, not included)
black wire display for counter or slatwall, includes color header card.