Each Bear is 7.5" Each Bear and has a Laminated tag around it's neck
The Full Color laminated hangtag has the Bear's name, birthday and a favorite tour memory!

5-aiko.gif (3794 bytes)5-aiko-tag.gif (6002 bytes)

5-alligator.gif (4860 bytes)5-alligator-tag.gif (6087 bytes)

birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 5/6/90 California State University

birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 1/27/67 Avalon Ballroom

tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  One night at a show, I guess really without noticing it, I was singing the high parts to Sugar Magnolia/SSDD that Donna would sing. The two people directly in front of me started looking to see where it was coming from. They turned around and caught me in falsetto bliss. I expected them to tell me to cool it when they smiled and gave me a knowing nod. I guess I didn’t sound too bad!

tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  The Lightning show in Las Vegas one year was absolutely incredible. At some points the lightning was going horizontal across the sky. Sometimes it came out of the sky and hit the ground around the stadium. The hair on my arms even stood up because of the amount of electricity in the air. I always got charged up for my Dead shows but this was over the top. The only thing better that day was the show!
Grateful Dead Series 5 Aiko
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 5 Alligator
$10.00 each

5-birdsong.gif (4875 bytes)5-bird-tag.gif (6289 bytes) 5-ccrider.gif (4779 bytes)5-ccrider-tag.gif (6379 bytes)
Bird Song
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 7/1/92 Buckeye Lake Music Center
C.C. Rider
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/1/79 Stanley Theatre
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I was on vacation in Hawaii and I went diving with a group of people. We went to a really cool dive shop called Jack’s Dive Locker. When we came back Jerry was there getting ready for a dive of his own. It turns out that this was where Jerry did a lot of his diving. He was really friendly and he really loved to dive. I found out that he could stay down on one tank of air longer than most could only hope to. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) Just going to every show hoping I would hear something I’d never heard before was so much fun. I don’t know of any other band where the anticipation of what gem you might hear was as much a part of the fun as it was with the Dead. I didn’t get everything I wanted to hear, but I did get a lot of them. I’m thankful for every show I’ve ever seen.
Grateful Dead Series 5 Bird Song
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 5 CC Rider
$10.00 each

5-darkhollow.gif (4876 bytes)5-dark-tag.gif (6499 bytes) 5-eyes.gif (4857 bytes)5-eyes-tag.gif (6280 bytes)
Dark Hollow
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/14/70 Fillmore East
Eyes of the World
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/9/73 Roscoe Maples Pavilion
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I thought I had seen the Dead do it all until I saw Phil play bass in a Barney costume. When he came out on stage it almost seemed natural to have a huge purple dinosaur on stage with the boys. He caused quite a stir with that one. I think some people were concerned that they were the only one seeing a purple dinosaur on stage. I thought it was funny. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I used to love to go to Dead shows by myself. I could float around and do what I wanted, when I wanted, without having to check with anyone. I would always meet the best people and hang out with them for a while and then move on. I met a lot of people that way. A Dead show was one of the best places to be by yourself and never really be alone.
Grateful Dead Series 5 Dark Hollow
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 5 Eyes of the World
$10.00 each


5-masterpiece.gif (4714 bytes)5-master-tag.gif (6388 bytes)

5-picassomoon.gif (4273 bytes)5-picasso-tag.gif (5878 bytes)
Master Piece
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 6/13/87 County Fairgrounds
Picasso Moon
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 4/28/89 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  I was at Soldier Field, the sky was clear, the stars were out and the band sounded better than ever. I was with the person I love the most in this world and we danced together all night long. There was no place else I would rather have been at that moment. It was heaven on Earth. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I was at a Red Rocks show and it had been raining buckets all day long. I didn’t think they would be able to play in that kind of weather but they came out anyway. Amazing as it seems, as soon as the Band hit the stage it stopped raining. There was a beautiful sunset directly behind the stage, framed by a perfect rainbow. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Grateful Dead Series 5 Master Piece
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 5 Picasso Moon
$10.00 each


5-shakedown.gif (4957 bytes)5-shake-tag.gif (6167 bytes)

blackpeter.jpg (3818 bytes) sppeter_tag.jpg (2139 bytes)
sppeter_pass.jpg (2633 bytes)
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 8/31/78 Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Black Peter
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/25/91 Knickerbocker Arena
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I was dancing my shoes off at a show one night so hard that I literally had to take them off. I had never been barefoot at a show before. I had the best time. Man, were my feet dirty. Out in the lot that night I met up with some friends and they asked me where my shoes were. In my barefoot bliss, I left them inside, never to be seen again. So now I can say that I danced so hard at a Dead Show that I REALLY lost my shoes. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) My favorite thing about being on tour was that even someone you had never met before would rather say hi, flash you a great big smile or even give you a hug than just walk past you staring at their shoes. I wish it was always like that.
Grateful Dead Series 5 Shakedown
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series LE Black Peter
$75.00 each


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Grateful Dead Series 5 Full Set of 9
$79.99 per set

Grateful Dead Store Display Stand
$30.00 each

(Holds 27 bears, not included)
black wire display for counter or slatwall, includes color header card.