Each Bear is 7.5" Each Bear and has a Laminated tag around it's neck
The Full Color laminated hangtag has the Bear's name, birthday and a favorite tour memory!

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Limited to 30,000
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Black Peter
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/25/91 Knickerbocker Arena
Touch of Grey
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 10/9/82 Frost Ampitheatre
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) My favorite thing about being on tour was that even someone you had never met before would rather say hi, flash you a great big smile or even give you a hug than just walk past you staring at their shoes. I wish it was always like that. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I wanted to go to my first Dead show, but my parents said I was too young to go alone. My Mom said I could go as long as she went with me. It was better than not going, so we went. We actually had a really great time, she loved it and so did I. I quess you’re never too young or too old to get hooked on the Dead. My Mom and I went to 33 shows. It’s some of the best time we’ve ever spent together.
Grateful Dead Series LE Black Peter
$75.00 each


Grateful Dead Series LE Touch of Grey
$50.00 each


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Limited to 25,000spcasey_tag.jpg (3794 bytes)

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allaccess.jpg (3773 bytes) Limited to 25,000spaccess_tag.jpg (4297 bytes)

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Casey Jones
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 8/12/72 Memorial Auditorium
All Access
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 5/24/68 National Guard Armory
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I was at a show in Pittsburgh when I decided I wanted to stay on tour. One problem, I didn’t have tickets or a way to get to the rest of the shows. With an amazing lack of effort, I found a group of people who said they had room
for me and a couple of the tickets I needed. We finished the whole rest of the tour together. A group of strangers became some of my best friends, that’s what tour was all about.
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I was at a show in Oakland when a sticker on the floor caught my eye. I picked it up to check out the design. It said Grateful Dead, the show date and yes, it said backstage pass. I freaked out. I didn’t think it could be real, but I found where the backstage entrance was and walked right past the security guy. I can’t believe I was ever backstage at a Dead show. I got the pass framed with that nights set list.

Grateful Dead Series LE Casey Jones
$60.00 each


Grateful Dead Series LE All Access
$35.00 each

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Wharf Rat
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/20/71Capitol Theatre
Poppa Bear
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes)
6/15/88North Attleboro
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) Yellow balloons, a subtle little sign to tell us all where our family would meet. We’d get together and learn to love ourselves and each other. There is strength in numbers and we would always rally around our brothers and sisters. These are the people who have helped me make it through each day. Even though tour is over, I’ll never forget the people who have helped me help myself. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  From my Dad’s shop to the parking lots of tour, is where it all started. Creativity and the love of all things beautiful is what fuels my passion. A kaleidoscope of swirling colors and blossoming ideas fills my mind. All the kind people I’ve met and friends I’ve made along the way make me very grateful. Making people happy with my calling makes it worth all the more.
Grateful Dead Series LE Wharf Rat
$40.00 each

Grateful Dead Series LE Poppa Bear
$35.00 each


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Limited to 11,000
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Delilah With NO BLACK PAWS
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 6/21/80  West High Auditorium
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) The greatest time ever. Europe
1990. I sold some nonessential things, like my car,
to finance my trip. The ICC in Berlin was a cool
venue & the lamps on the tables helped with
writing my set list. The Deal to close the first set
Grateful Dead Series 1 Delilah No Black Paws
$160.00 each

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Grateful Dead Store Display Stand
$30.00 each

(Holds 27 bears, not included)
black wire display for counter or slatwall, includes color header card.