Each Bear is 7.5" Each Bear and has a Laminated tag around it's neck
The Full Color laminated hangtag has the Bear's name, birthday and a favorite tour memory!

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Candy Man
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 6/25/91Sandstone Ampitheatre

birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 8/31/81Aladdin Theatre

tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  The night of “The Bubbles!” It seemed like everyone had bubbles and were blowing them all night long. Kinda like The Grateful
Dead meets Lawrence Welk. There were two young kids in front of us and they had the best time of all. Blowing lots of little bubbles and then trying
to blow huge ones. We were all having so much fun! Who said Dead Heads are afraid of soap?

tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  I bought a ticket in the lot at
Shoreline. I was headed into the show, when the ticket taker said my ticket was conterfeit. What a jones! I was making my way back to the lot and had given up all hope of getting in, when a limo pulled up next to me. A woman in back rolled the window down and asked me if I needed a ticket. I said, “Yes,” and she handed me a ticket. She didn’t want any money, I think she was my “Ticket Fairy.”
Grateful Dead Series 4 Candy Man
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 4 Deal
$10.00 each

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Fall Tour
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 10/15/73
Father Time
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 12/31/76 Cow Palace
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) We were on our way to a show when we picked up two people with guitars whose car had just broken down. We thought they were going to the show too. It turns out they were going to a children’s hospital to sing to sick kids. We brought them all the way to the hospital and sang with them. We never made it to the show, but what
we did was even better. It was magical.
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) The best thing in the world to do on New Year’s Eve, was go to a Dead Show. It was a blast to see what crazy things Bill Graham would do for his entrance. I came out from the east coast almost every year. At the last New Year’s show, I saw Jerry in flames. I told my friend and he said, “Yeah, you’re just losing it man.” Then he saw him, we were freaking. It turned out to be pyrotechnics in front of Jerry. It was pretty wild!
Grateful Dead Series 4 Fall Tour
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 4 Father Time
$15.00 each

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birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/22/90 Copps Coliseum
Jack Aroe
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 7/10/89 Giants Stadium
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) I remember the first time I saw all the Spinners. I didn’t even know that’s what they
were really called, but it was the obvious choice. It was really beautiful to see them all moving at once
in long dresses to the most beautiful music. They filled up the whole corridor. It was fun walking around and dancing with them as we moved along. I tried spinning a few times, but I just ended up being dizzy.
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) Being able to tape the shows I went to was the coolest thing. The Dead got it right when they decided to allow their shows to be taped.  I have a tape collection that I wouldn’t trade for any amount of money in the world. Whenever I want, I can pop in a tape of the Boys and go somewhere else. It helps me remember all the great places and beautiful people I’ve met while touring with the greatest band in the world.
Grateful Dead Series 4 Fire
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 4 Jack Aroe
$10.00 each


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Lost Sailor
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 8/31/79 Glenns Falls Civic Center
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/22/90 Copps Coliseum
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  I was living on Martha’s Vineyard and I had tickets for the Oxford Plains shows. I was hitch hiking to the ferry when a couple in their 80s picked me up. They were great, they got me to the boat on time and I took the ferry to the mainland. On the way home, a sailboat was at the dock and the people on board offered to take me to the Island. I had never taken a boat to and from a show before,it was cool. tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) We came down from Canada for the first Highgate Vermont show. There was so much room we were able to kick a sack and throw a frisbee around right in the show. We didn’t stop for the entire show. We camped, rode around on mountain bikes and met a ton of groovy people. I had never seen an outdoor show before and the scene was way better than the indoor shows I have seen. I love summer shows!
Grateful Dead Series 4 Lost Sailor
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 4 Scarlet
$10.00 each


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4terrapin.jpg (2140 bytes)4terrapin_tag.jpg (2059 bytes)
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/24/90 Knickerbocker Arena
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 2/26/77 Swing Auditorium
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) We were in Albany for the first Dead shows ever at the Knick. The weather turned
ugly, when out of nowhere, a HUGE snow storm started. It lasted for hours and had the biggest snowflakes ever. We didn’t have any place to stay
so we ended up playing hacky sack all day inside under the big “EGG.” I still don’t know what the egg is for, but it turned into Deadhead Central, the place to stay warm.
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes)  I was at a show, having too good of a time, when I turned to see this huge red dancing bear with flashing lights all over his body. It’s true, he was not a hallucination! He followed me around for a while. He was throwing “Bear Bucks” all over. I saved some just to prove the bear really existed. After a while, I tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t say a word. He just kept smiling. The bear was my friend.
Grateful Dead Series 4 Snowflake
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series 4 Terrepin
$15.00 each


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Uncle John
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 5/2/70 Harpur College
Black Peter
birthday_tag.jpg (1287 bytes) 3/25/91 Knickerbocker Arena
tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) You never know who you might meet at a show. We were collecting funds to protect the Earth when a dirty hippie guy came up to the table. We told him about our cause like we do with everyone who will listen and he said he’d be right back. He came back with a check for $1,000.00! Turns out he was a CEO of a major corporation and loved the Dead and the planet. Talk about not judging a book by its cover! tourmemory_tag.jpg (1772 bytes) My favorite thing about being on tour was that even someone you had never met before would rather say hi, flash you a great big smile or even give you a hug than just walk past you staring at their shoes. I wish it was always like that.
Grateful Dead Series 4 Uncle John
$10.00 each

Grateful Dead Series LE Black Peter
$75.00 each


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Grateful Dead Series 4 Full Set of 11
$99.99 per set

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Grateful Dead Store Display Stand
$30.00 each

(Holds 27 bears, not included)
black wire display for counter or slatwall, includes color header card.